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+ Barefoot Hoof Orthopaedics (DHG)

  For every riding, horse and horse lover!
  Developing Synergie between Horse and Rider:

  > Using the unique PHYSIO-RIDING ® system, we explain and help you
  implement healthy, new and invigorating methods of horse(wo)manship
  based on physiotherapeutic findings.

  > It's the healthy way to prevent and resolve equestrian problems and
  guarantee successful training; we help analyse, apply massages and
  instruct in therapeutic exercises as well as interpret equestrian theory
  and biomechanics based on PHYSIO-RIDING ® findings.

  > The PHYSIO-RIDING ® Coach closes the gap between animal
  physiotherapy and equestrian theory, for you and your horse's benefit.
  She works as a analyst, advisor and trainer.


  Why is PHYSIO-RIDING ® helpful for each rider?

  Your PHYSIO-RIDING ® Coach individually train you in the prevention and
  curing of riding ailments, such as:
  going above or behind the bit, muscle cramps, heavy on the forehand,
  inverted frame (high head carriage, hollow back), overbent, running
  through the bit, hard-mouthed, open mouth, steering difficulties, stumbling,   tense neck, insubordination, lack of self-carriage, and proper riding posture.

  Easy and effective! Promotes a Relationship of Mutual Trust
  between Horse and Rider

  An in-depth and comprehensive understanding of anatomical and
  physiological knowlege of the horse logically results in:

  - Horse-centred riding instructions

  - Phsychological and physical health of your horse

  Every horse rider benefits from PHYSIO-RIDING ®

  Every Horse Lover who wants to see, feel and understand
  strength and limitations of their horse will make connections enabling
  them systematicly train themselves and their horse in a wholesome way.

  Keep your horse healthy, and optimize its abilities using the knowlege
  that PHYSIO-RIDING ® teaches about muscle toning, maintanance, and
  building, as well as biomechanics, husbandry, training, equipment, body
  control and the influence a rider has on their horse.

  Check out the following pages for more information on our services.
  (Currently only German, English translation to follow)

  And for barefoot hoof orthopaedics (DHG - German Association):

    www.dhgev.de/en (english version)

  We shape and conserve healthy hooves for your horse, pony or donkey.

  Cornelia Höger:
  Your PHYSIO-RIDING ® Coach + Barefoot Hoof Orthopaedics (DHG)
  in Seevetal, Hamburg and surrounding areas. Standing for insightful riding
  and healthy horses.

  Cornelia speaks English and German.

  We'd like to hear from you!

  PHYSIO-RIDING® Coach and Hoof orthopaedist (DGH)

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